About Winged Words

Our company’s main focus are professional English-Spanish translation services and our office is in Guatemala City, C.A. Since we’ve started working, we translated texts and videos for both USA and Europe.

We are a certified group of Spanish translators that are passionate about their work. We all put our knowledge and skills on a text in order to deliver an accurate and linguistically appropiate document or film. As for our experience, we keep working on a wide range of subjects like: medicine, pharmacy,  videos, financial and technology.

Our philosophy

We believe that language, just like in all aspects of Nature, there’s evolution, as it’s always changing and transforming itself thanks to the needs of people. It all began in the air and it’s now captured in text, images and symbols.

Why Spanish?

Our company’s office is in Latin America, where the largest spanish speaking population lives. So, it has great potencial for business and media expansion. Plus, our people are from such areas and so Spanish is their native language!

Please go to our services, just see if we got what you are looking for!

Photo by D A V I D S O N L U N A on Unsplash


Luz Angelina Gómez Fernández

M.A. In Audiovisual and Literature Translation


Cell: + (502) 5814-1093

1 Calle “D” 6-21 zona 16, Guatemala, C.A.